At A Dogs Day Out, we love dogs and dogs love us, it’s all about the dogs! We’re not only here to care for your dogs when you can’t be with them but also to allow them to safely socialise and interact with a wide variety of other breeds and generally have a great time.

Our play schools are always busy and well attended with countless owners commenting on the improved behaviour that they’ve noticed since their pet has started at A Dogs Day Out.

How does it work? It’s very easy to enrol your dog for our play schools. Simply register your dog and subsequently book an assessment which will include a day at the play school. Once that’s completed and assuming all is well, you’ll be free to book your dog in at any time you wish.

AMAZING! Poppy loves dog day out she runs out the door
to get in the car, it's great to know that my little pup is having
such an amazing time.

My Bella goes at least 3 times a week!!
She pulls us in the door in the morning!!! She has toned up
and looks amazing.

He has crashed out on the sofa and not even had a slice of
his lovely cake you made. He loves coming to you so much
he waits everyday at the top the stairs waiting to go to puppy
school. He absolutely adores it

Tyler loves his days out - he comes home content and very tired!
He loves socialising and is really well looked after . . plus the
charges are very reasonable considering the amount of time
and care that is given

Dexter adores his days with you, I was worried at first because
he was so little and only a few months old, but he's so happy
and now mixes with other dogs of all sizes.

Xena absolutely loves coming to doggy daycare, it's made such
a difference to her socialisation and she's so much calmer than
she used to be. Plus I know she's not chewing up the house
while I'm at work!

Gatsby loves everyone and everything about A dog's day out.
He starts excitedly squeaking as soon as we turn into the estate
and is always content and tired when he comes home.
Thank you to the whole team

Fantastic fun for Bertie my 6 month old working cocker spaniel,
he has come back thoroughly worn out - this is a first.
Amazing value for money

Teddy has been an excitable handful with some separation issues
but the team have been wonderful with him, and he's beginning
to settle. He always comes back happy and exhausted
which is perfect.

Absolutely brilliant. Dexter loves it here and comes home
shattered from all the fun he has in a day there. Highly
recommend and it's been great for his socialization with
other dogs and people.

Brilliant idea! My German Shepherd has just come back from
her assessment day and is completely shattered. The staff
are very friendly, the hours are accommodating and the
peace of mind is priceless!

Couldn't rave enough about this place, it's brilliant! Teddy loves
it so much, he whines in the car when we drive into the business
park and is absolutely desperate to get in! It's fantastic
socialisation for him and tires him out

It's fabulous. Diesel looks forward to his 1 day a week at doggy
playschool. He takes full advantage and is completely shattered
at the end of the day. He has so much more confidence and is
such a happy dog. Thank you.

Benson goes twice a week and it not only physically tires him
but mentally too. He has changed so much since he started going
there. Walks better on the lead and meeting other dogs in the
street is so much calmer now.